Monday, April 12, 2010


I already miss my house. I'm not moving out until the end of May. I am spending my days getting all my "to do"s marked off the list so my home is ready for my renters. Why didn't I get these "to do"s done for myself so I could enjoy them?

My list (or at least the parts I can remember)

  • change the batteries in all the smoke detectors (yeah, I hear you are supposed to do that with the time change. good idea.)

  • adjust the carbon monoxide detector (it beeps and displays "ERROR" whenever I hook it up so it's currently unhooked)

  • fix the blinds in the guest bedroom (I don't think my little blue clippie I use to keep them up will swing with my renters)

  • fix the toilet in the master so it'll stop running (I changed one plastic thingy already, but it still wastes water)

  • weed treat under the pergola (why did the people I bought from just put bricks in the grass without some barrier between dirt and bricks?)

  • have an expert come look at the pergola to make sure still safe and stable (just what I need, the pergola to collapse on my renters-- the wood looks a little iffy)

  • stabalize the fence-- it's looking a little tilty

  • fix the microwave so it stops making that clicking noise-- I currently have the bang the bottom of the microwave for the turntable to spin. classy.

Those are the items I can remember right now. I am looking forward to destuffitizing, paring down, and simplifying as I continue getting ready to move out and return to school.

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  1. Destuffitizing is one of my favorite things to do! I may be a "Spartan" as opposed to a "Hoarder." (See this podcast--

    I'm so glad you found renters! And I'm so excited for the next chapters of your life!